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The Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth (VFHY) empowers Virginia’s youth to make healthy choices by promoting active, nutritious and tobacco-free living. VFHY takes a comprehensive approach to preventing and reducing youth tobacco use. Our classroom-based prevention programs reach about 50,000 children statewide in public schools, preschools, houses of faith, community centers and after-school programs. Our grants employ about 200 positions per year across the Commonwealth, mostly instructors and youth workers. Additionally, our award-winning, multimedia marketing campaign reaches more than 500,000 children statewide each year with prevention messages through TV and radio commercials and online content. VFHY is addressing childhood obesity in a variety of ways, including funding and training Healthy Communities Action Teams. Located across the state, these childhood obesity prevention coalitions work on the local level to improve access to healthy foods and to increase opportunities for physical activity.

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Official app for Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth (VFHY) conferences and trainings including the Reduce Tobacco Use and Weight of the State conferences. Established by the Virginia General Assembly in 1999, the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth is responsible for reducing and preventing youth tobacco use and childhood obesity in Virginia.

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