Open for Business

From small towns to big cities, from local shops to multi-national corporations, Virginia is always open for business.

Farm Fresh Food When you buy from local farmers, you get maximum freshness, taste and nutrition because your food travels a much shorter distance, more quickly, from farm to table. Explore to find farm fresh food near you.
11th annual SWaMFest Small, women and minority-owned (SWaM) businesses: Meet public higher ed buyers who spend $7.2 billion a year. Plan now to attend the 11th annual SWaMFest, Oct. 14-15 in Virginia Beach. Information and registration are online.
Road Projects, Mapped View maps of current and planned paving and road construction projects across the state. The innovative new website from the Department of Transportation turns complex data into helpful information.
Mapping Center Looking for a government office? Our mapping center has workforce centers, health departments and state police offices. You'll also find libraries, schools and hospitals on our interactive map of the commonwealth.
Commonwealth Calendar The Commonwealth Calendar announces official government meetings that are open to the public. Click on any date to search for listed meetings.

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