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Virginia Government

Executive Branch

Constituent Services

The Constituent Services Office helps citizens communicate with the governor, process proclamations and other document requests, handles protocoissues, and generally serves as a conduit between the governor’s administration and Virginia residents.

Legislative Branch

Judicial Branch

Learn about how the courts are structured, the four levels of courts and the more than 2,600 people that work to provide Virginia residents prompt, efficient service.

Laws & Policies

All the laws in Virginia fall under what’s called the Code of Virginia, which is organized into different sections called Titles, each one covering a different category of interest. Each title has chapters with all the details you’ll need to know.

Visit to view popular names and laws. Want to dig a little deeper? View more information by visiting one of the following topics.

Voting & Elections


Virginia values transparency and provides online tools for you to keep up with what the state government is doing and spending.