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The Mission of Gunston Hall is to utilize fully the physical and scholarly resources of Gunston Hall to stimulate continuing public exploration of democratic ideals as first presented by George Mason in the 1776 Virginia Declaration of Rights.

Gunston Hall is an educational agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia that explores the life and legacy of George Mason at his 18th-century home in Mason Neck, Virginia. As the author of the Virginia Declaration of Rights, Mason was one of the first to call for such fundamental liberties as freedom of the press and freedom of religion. Today, Gunston Hall strives to stimulate the continuing exploration of democratic ideals first penned by Mason in 1776.

Visitors to Gunston Hall learn about George Mason’s contributions to American rights while experiencing life in 18th-century Virginia through guided tours, exhibitions, special events, and school programs. A research library and archives encourages scholarship in United States history, decorative arts, and historic preservation while an active archaeology program allows for greater understanding of life at Gunston Hall in the 18th century.

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10709 Gunston Road
Mason Neck, VA 22079

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