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    Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission
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    Richmond, VA 23218

About the Agency

The Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission was created by the Constitution of Virginia to investigate charges of judicial misconduct or serious mental or physical disability. The Commission has seven members consisting of three judges, two lawyers, and two citizens who are not lawyers. The members are elected by the Virginia General Assembly for four-year terms.

The Commission employs a staff to assist in the investigation of complaints of misconduct against all state court judges, members of the State Corporation Commission, and members of the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission.

The Commission investigates complaints of judicial misconduct or serious mental or physical disability that interfere with a judge’s duties. Misconduct includes, but is not limited to:

  • allowing family, social or other relationships to influence judgment
  • failing to maintain proper courtroom decorum
  • failing to be patient, dignified and courteous
  • failing to promptly dispose of court business
  • engaging in private conversations which may influence judicial actions
  • commenting publicly concerning a pending matter
  • failing to disqualify in a proceeding in which impartiality reasonably might be questioned
  • accepting gifts or favors from litigants or lawyers
  • engaging in the practice of law (unless a retired or substitute judge)
  • engaging in political activity
  • Mental or physical disability may include alcohol or drug abuse, senility, or serious physical or mental illness.