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The Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority (ABC) generates a reliable stream of revenue for Virginia and promotes public safety through the responsible sale and regulation of alcoholic beverages.

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The Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority (ABC) administers ABC laws with an emphasis on public safety by ensuring an orderly and regulated system for convenient sales and responsible consumption of alcohol. The profits that Virginia ABC contributes—collected from sales of distilled spirits at more than 375 stores across the Commonwealth, taxes collected on beer and wine sales, violation penalties and license fees—provide much-needed funding for use in a multitude of state programs. Virginia ABC offers a wide selection of merchandise—including mixers, vermouth and Virginia-made wines in addition to liquor—with more than 2,900 items available in its product catalog.

Special agents in Virginia ABC’s Bureau of Law Enforcement are ABC law educators and regulators, working directly with approximately 19,000 licensed businesses to address non-compliance issues and reduce criminal activity involving alcohol. These agents also initiate public safety investigations following incidents at licensed establishments, which involves assisting and cooperating with local law enforcement agencies, civic leagues, residents, businesses and other community stakeholders. The Bureau is also comprised of licensing, compliance and records management. When there is a disciplinary matter involving a licensee (i.e., a business is charged with an ABC law violation), a contested ABC license application or an issue involving contract disputes between beer or wine producers and their distributors, the agency will hold an administrative hearing.

Virginia ABC believes in a multi-faceted approach to alcohol education and abuse prevention and includes individuals, families, licensees and communities in its programming curriculum. The agency offers alcohol prevention and public education initiatives to include training and resources for Virginians of all ages, schools, coalitions, health care providers and those who sell and serve alcohol.


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